VirtualEDH Beta Launched!

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched our personal project to the world. VirtualEDH runs in your browser and connects up to 4 peer-to-peer video feeds together. The main problem it solves is card readability by allowing you to click on cards to see a readable version. It’s totally free to use, and we plan to keep it that way forever.

This is a beta, there be dragons! Here’s a list of the features we have so far: - Peer-to-peer video streaming - Click a live video feed to identify a card (except basic lands/alters/yu-gi-oh cards) - Track life, infect, and commander damage - Set your commander so others can clearly see - Saved game state, even if you refresh your browser - Turn tracker & timer

Currently we do not support voice, so you’ll have to use Discord or something similar.

Here’s some features we’d love to add: - Improved UI/UX (we want to hear your ideas) - Dice rolling and coin flipping - Virtual tokens and counters - Click to highlight signal an area on a stream to other players - Voice chat - Preferences/customization - Gatherer rulings and more info on identified cards - Your ideas!

We’ve never launched anything like this before and we don’t know how much the servers will cost or if they’ll hold up so we apologize in advance if there’s any hiccups or downtime. Right now there are no ads and we don’t know if we’ll need to put some on, but we’ve also launched a patreon to cover hosting costs and/or in case you want to tip us for our work. The Patreon page can be found here.