0.1.14: Mobile cameras, Monarch, Eliminated flag, and player slot preservation

Hey everyone, we got a pretty decent sized update this time around with some much requested features. Including the ability to use a mobile device as your camera!

Mobile Device as Camera (Experimental)

We released an experimental feature that allows users to use their mobile device as their camera source. This can be enabled via the update “Configure Inputs” dialog that is located both in the Lobby and in the game menu when in game. In the input check he box that says “Use mobile device as webcam”. Once in a game open up the game URL on your mobile device and login with the same account. Your video should now be coming from the camera on your phone. Keep in mind that many devices now have multiple cameras so be sure to select the proper camera in the “Configure Inputs” dialog when logged in on your mobile device.

Microphone Selection

You can now select you audio input device using the “Configure Input” dialog.

Monarch and Eliminated Player Flags

You can now set a player as Monarch and flag a player as “eliminated”. Both options are added to the “…” menu at the top of each players video box.

When a player is Monarch they will have a small crown icon to the right of their name. Only one player can be Monarch at anytime so if you toggle it on for another player it will be cleared from any other player that is Monarch. Once a player has Monarch you can clear it by using the same “…” menu.

The eliminated flag is used when a player has been eliminated from the game. When a player is eliminated their name will turn red and their player box will have a red border. They also will be skipped whenever you pass the turn. An eliminated player can be brought back by clicking the “Eliminated” option in the “…” menu again.

Player Slot Preservation

With this update a player’s turn position or slot will be remembered if they happen to leave the game and come back. It also means that hosts can set a player to be in any of the 4 player positions in the “Manage Players” dialog.

Full update notes:
  • Ability to use a mobile device as your camera (experimental)
  • Monarch support
  • Eliminated player support
  • Game player slots
  • Fixed bug where if a user didn’t have a video stream and they are reordered, or focused in the focused layout, the previous players video will continue to display.
  • Prevent the “Game Menu” tooltip from staying open after the menu is opened.
  • Fixed issue where cards in the card drawer from the same set would overwrite each other.