SpellTable <> Wizards

Hi all,

I’m very excited to announce that SpellTable and I have joined Wizards of the Coast. Since we began this project we’ve definitely felt the love and passion of this community. In discussions with Wizards of the Coast we realized that our goals were perfectly aligned: to make playing paper Magic remotely as fun and easy as possible. We couldn’t really imagine a better home for SpellTable to continue to grow. The considerable resources and relationships provided by being part of Wizards of the Coast will allow us to continually improve the experience. We also hope to leverage this opportunity to better support local game stores with features and benefits to keep your local communities thriving through this difficult time. To our amazing Patreons, we wanted to give a special thanks as your support helped SpellTable thrive. We will be refunding your last Patreon payments. For the time being, everything else will remain as it is, but we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

– The SpellTable Team